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Intro to full spectrum hobby laser ting makerspace youtube. To full spectrum lasers credit they have improved the software and finally killed this bug. This tutorials main focus is to have a student with near zero prior knowledge, up and running a raster engrave on our laser. Material test settings based on 45w laser tube, vector speeds for cutting, not marking. Whether you are new to 3d printing technology or just looking to close a few knowledge gaps, were glad you stopped by. Intel realsense 3d camera option 3d scans every pixel for precision xy and focus position. So if you draw a 1 inch long line in inkscape itll be stored as a 90 pixel line in svg, which coreldraw will convert to 0. Discover user manuals, video tutorials, laser certificates and ebooks. Having all three of these connected to one strip allows you to switch them on all together. If you are unsure with your material, you can always request us a sample test cut here. According to their website they appear to have location in las vegas and canada, and one where they import as well china. Proseries tutorials provide your business the knowledge to get the most out of your co2 laser cutter. Intel core or amd athlon ii processor microsoft windows 7 64bit with service pack 1 6gb of ram.

The list of compatible laser materials you can cut and engrave using your full spectrum laser machines is endless. When the laser cuts it follows the red stroke lines in your file, straight down the middle of the line. One problem was that lasercutters arent cheap, especially not for hobbyists who want a large cutting area. Place your drawing in the topleft corner of that region to correspond to the farleft corner of the cutters work area. In laser terms depth is usually specified in microns.

Full spectrum laser lasers for cutting and engraving. The term laser is an acronym for light amplification by. We design our own lasers from the ground up as well as integrate systems with the best quality components for any price range. Full spectrum laser innovation studio libguides at xavier. Full spectrum engineering 40w hobby laser modern device. Hence everything that you draw in inkscape comes out about 6% too small in coreldraw. Put the engraving on a separate layer and send one layer at a time to retina engrave. Full spectrum laser recommends a system with the following minimum specifications.

We are excited to announce our latest and greatest laser software is now available to all proseries users. Everyone needs help, occasionally, and full spectrum laser s video tutorials are here to give you a visual guide. I have used both extensively and own a full spectrum, for what its worth. The number of hits may also be reduced by taking an accurately measured isotope pattern of the ion into consideration. The level of control over the beams pulse from 0100% and how well thats accessible by the user is a nontrivial problem. The new software offers the ability to not only save files, but the laser settings associated with each project as well, saving time and the need to remember what settings go with which job. This machine is intended for both hobby level projects and small production work and is capable of very intricate designs. Full spectrum laser was entirely sanguine about the sloppy machining assuring us that this couldnt be the problem with the poor performance. Unofficial manual written by an awesome hacker hackers outside of noisebridge. If you can imagine it, you can make it with a full spectrum laser. Stepbystep instructions take you through assembling your hobby laser to using the software in a project to maintaining your machine for years to come. Increase your expertise with proseries video tutorials. Applications include testing laser and led light sources for spectral purity and power distribution, as well as. With touch control hello everybodyabout a year ago, i wanted to buy a co2 lasercutter to make my workspace complete.

The full spectrum hooby laser can be used to etch and cut out designs in a variety of materials including wood, fabric and leather up to a quarter. This tutorial s main focus is to have a student with near zero prior knowledge, up and running a raster engrave on our laser cutter. The team, is led by a visionary who lived the garage start up to successfully scaling, profitable business experience. Connecting the laser to your computer all full spectrum laser systems are designed to be used with either 32 or 64 bit versions of windows 7. Maximize your hobby laser knowhow with video tutorials that teach you everything you need to know to be a laser cutting expert.

Our laser cutters can happily cut through a wide variety of materials as shown on our materials pages. Full spectrum laser designs, manufactures, and sells a full range of consumer and industrial grade laser cutters, engravers, and 3d printers. I worked at full spectrum laser fulltime for more than a year. It really rocks, you can make really neat things and we even use it for promotion for my company.

We milled the lens holder by hand with a dremel tool and a reamer. Settings are based on a 45w laser tube, adjust accordingly for other size tubes. Full spectrum laser is a las vegas based company specializing in innovative consumer and industrial grade laser cutters, engravers, and 3d printers. Laser cutting and marking is a skill you must develop. Thank you for your purchase of a full spectrum laser hl405g hobby advanced laser system. It is achievable, but the laser has to run slowly meaning the concentrated heat build up makes the material appear quite burnt heat scorched. Remember that the laser cutter cannot do miters so all tabs should meet at 90 degrees. Please take time to read this manual in its entirety to safely use your laser to its full potential. According to their website they appear to have location in las vegas and canada, and one where they. Using inkscape with the laser cutter atxhackerspace. The importance of this lies in having a quickreference for lab members to quickly learn to use and innovate with the laser cutter. Feb 1, 2020 using a laser to cut or etch materials can result in amazing projects that were previously too intricate or repetitive to do by hand. Discover user manuals, quick start guides and the best user software in the industry, retinaengrave.

Full spectrums is functional, but lacks nuance and fine control. There is a tutorial on using adobe photoshop to generate 1bit bitmaps on the full spectrum laser forums. Then explore our library of free projects as you become confident in your cutting and engraving abilities. Compliance statement thefull spectrum laser muse laser system is a class 3r laser product, as defined in international standard iec 608251. All of the materials listed can be cut, even the smallest of. Fsl creates highlycompetitive products featuring outstanding performance and cost effective pricing. Optical spectrum analysis optical spectrum analysis is the measurement of optical power as a function of wavelength. To prevent machine from double cutting illustrator shapes should have an outline of. Press the house shaped icon on the laser control panel to home the laser.

Laser safety your full spectrum laser llc mle40 40w hobby laser is a class 3a laser product, as defined in international standard iec 608251. Laser cutterfull spectrum laser 40wunofficial manual. Other items will be lightly touched on, including vector cuts. In recent years the use of diodepumped solidstate dpss lasers in oem applications has been growing rapidly. Gather your laser cutters resources all in one place, including user manuals, quickstart guides, tutorials and our best in the industry laser software. There is a tutorial using adobe photoshop to generate 1bit bitmaps on. Full spectrum laser is a las vegas based company specializing in innovative consumer and industrial grade. Full spectrum laser design, manufacture, and retail a full range of consumer and industrial grade laser cutters, engravers, and 3d printers. See more ideas about projects, laser cutting and laser engraving. Keep the drawing at least 18 3mm away from the edge of the work area because sometimes the laser is out of calibration and wont cut that close to the edge. Save any file as a pdf and easily open it in re3 as well. Section 4 how to print a file with the full spectrum laser cutter from illustrator section 1 sketchup.

Full spectrum laser pro 36x24 laser intro and quick start. Hobby series 20x12 user manual full spectrum laser. Start with laser 101 and learn the basics of using a laser cutter. Verify that water pump is circulating water through the laser tube and the bubbles have worked their way out of the tube.

Full spectrum laser 4th generation 40w co2 laser engraver deluxe model. The job often starts out and ends up fine, but somewhere in the middle of the last. Henry liu engineerceo at full spectrum laser las vegas, nevada 41 connections. Full spectrum laser llc focuses on producing lasers for cutting and etching for a variety of needs and budgets ranging from the individual hobbyist to large companies and universities.

With this laser you can engrave from any windows application that can print to a standard printer including coreldraw, adobe illustrator, autocad, inkscape and even ms word and ms paint. I have been working at full spectrum laser full time for less than a year pros dynamic work environment everyone has their tasks and duties, helps each other and the days are always productive and full of work to do without things being overwhelming at the same time. If the laser does travel outside of your cardboard you will need to go back into inkscape to set the custom document size and rearrange the objects on the art board. Excessive, monopolizing, or dangerous use of the full spectrum laser may mean members politely ask you to stop using it or help pay the costs of laser tube replacement.

Congratulations on your purchase of a full spectrum laser hobby series laser system. Full spectrum laser machinery las vegas, nevada 577 followers laser cutting and engraving systems and technologies. Motorized realtime autofocus option for curved objects. Unfortunately, inkscape uses 90 ppi and coreldraw uses 96 ppi. Full spectrum laser presents laser 101, and free laser projects to help empower makers. Air assist connection to blow away smoke at the laser head while laser is cutting red dot pointer. On my 40watt hobby laser, i noticed that the laser beam was losing power, and engravings that used to be darker were now very light to almost nonexistent at the same power settings. For readers familiar with electrical spectrum analyzers, some of the same terms are used, but with different definitions. Keep your production at maximum output with lessons covering assembly, mirror alignment, software, operations, maintenance and more. Our guess is that they also implemented microstepping on the stepper motors, which also has improved the minimum resolution. Full spectrum laser design, manufacture, and retail a full range of consumer and industrial grade laser cutters, engravers, and 3d. See more ideas about laser cutter projects, laser cutter ideas and laser engraving. The full spectrum hl405g complies with 21 cfr 1040.

Henry liu engineerceo full spectrum laser linkedin. The deluxe model comes with the retina engrave usb processor which allows you easily connect and send files to the machine. Does anyone have any insight as to why the rastering on this job looks as if its skipping or has been jolted in some way. The full spectrum laser propseries laser system complies with 21 cfr 1040. The full spectrum laser hl405g hobby advanced laser system is a class 3r laser product, as defined in international standard iec 608251. Just because you own a guitar, doesnt mean youre going to be jimi hendrix. Full spectrum laser offers a vast array of downloadable resources for your laser cutters and engravers. I also heard what sounded like electricity arcing a buzzing sound somewhere in the machine when i testfired the laser, which, while being a vary bad thing, also. These projects were created using laser cutters by full spectrum laser with retinaengrave.

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