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Dial indicators are measuring devices designed expressly to measure relative position. All our alignment systems allow to perform the alignment with two methods. The plunger is a spring loaded part that can be depressed into the case causing the dial to move clockwise. Thank you for shopping with mitchell instrument company 2875 scott st. For maintenance personnel in drinking water and wastewater. True measurement dial reading x compensation value examples if a 0. They should be used only if no other tolerances are prescribed by existing inhouse standards. Plane a is the position of indicator tip at adjustable machine while plane s is at stationary machine. Pump alignment report format free download as word doc. Jul 26, 2014 alignment procedure taking alignment readings step no.

The goal of this method is to provide the technician with the recommended approach for the quickest way with quality alignment. Fast way to align machinery shafts vibralign is committed to helping businesses use their resources more efficiently and effectively. Dial gauge alignment method pdf download linkmilcho. In extreme cases the bending stresses applied to the shaft will cause the shaft to fracture and break. Dial indicator calibration procedure memorial university. The other offset point is derived from the face dial indicator dif reading and the. Reverse dial indicator alignment procedure machines. The shaft alignment training course provides a highly practical knowledge of the use of dial gauge in coupling alignment. It uses two dial indicators, one on each shaft, to measure the parallel and angular misalignment as shown in figure 21. The traditional precise shaft alignment method is dial indicator alignment piotrowski, 1995, and the two most popular methods are the rim and face method and the reverse.

To determine vertical offset misalignment, the rim indicator is set to zero at a vertical position. Dial indicator series 2 standard one revolution type for errorfree reading unlike many other dial indicators, the onerevolution dial indicator literally shows the entire spindle travel or range as one sweep of the hand, eliminating the possibility of reading errors due to miscounting multiple revolutions. It can also be used to convert rotalign ultra is shaft alignment results into the commensurate dial gauge readings. Lovejoy does not sell laser alignment tools, but we do sell a dial indicator kit. Stan shows you how to perform an alignment in just one or two moves using dial indicators and the vertizontal compound. The rotating equipment machine shaft coupling alignment training course covers several alignment methods like straight edge alignment, rim face alignment, reverse dial indicator alignment procedure and the basic principle applied to laser alignment technique. All measurements are taken on the rim of the coupling hubs. Step 4 precision alignment with a dial indicator youtube.

Its flexible components are intended to cater for different shaft dimensions and coupling configurations. The rim and face method can be used with the simplest of installations. In either case, pre alignment is a very important phase of the alignment process. Install coupling and check for rotational freedom of drive train if possible. The suggested tolerances shown on the following pages are general values based upon over 20 years of shaft alignment experience at. How to properly use the dial gauge to determine zposition. Shaft aligning techniques shaft alignment by conventional method shaft alignment by dial test indicator dti shaft alignment by using laser equipment shaft alignment by using computer. Apr, 2014 shaft alignment training with vibralign professional trainer stan riddle. Draw a simple diagram in you alignment sheet to show how the dial indicators are fixed, distances of inner and outer boards ib, ob. Dial gauge shaft alignment, electronic mechanical alignment. Reverse indicator method alignment and couplings 3 the reverse indicator method is another shaft alignment method. A major advantage of laser alignment tools is their accuracy. Dial indicator alignment basics dial indicators are measuring devices designed expressly to measure relative position.

Dial indicators are an essential tool for maintenance pros. If necessary, the dial reading can be compensated for the actual. Many different variations of the rimface method are used, including straight edge and feeler gauge methods, single dial rimface, two dial rimface, trial and error. It is used as a reference for the setting of measuring equipment used in machine shops, such as micrometers, sine bars, calipers, and dial indicators when used in an inspection role. Explain how the cross and reverse dial method is used to calculate misalignment. Dial indicator alignment basics alignment knowledge. Dial indicators often measure in small increments, so its important to know how to read them correctly. Instruction manual thank you for purchasing the niigata seiki dial gauge. Once the dial indicator is calibrated, press the spindle on the bottom.

Rotate the couplings so that the dial indicator 1 is at the 12 oclock position and the dial indicator 2 is at the 6 oclock position. The procedure for doing reverse dial indicator alignment is not a difficult one. While the dials may seem confusing at first, theyre easy to read once you understand what. The pre alignment process could include all of the following checks. At this diameter the maximum allowable gap would be. Describe the cross and reverse dial alignment methods. Dial indicators can be used to check round parts like wheels for straightness and are commonly used in machine shops. To read a dial indicator, start by mounting it on a stand to stabilize it and calibrating the dial by turning the outer face until the hand points to 0. Used with a magnetic base or indicator stand, this gauge will show the difference in position from a zero point set at a reference position.

Sag does not effect the accuracy of horizontal rim readings. Rim dial indicator readings and offset misalignment the rim dial indicator is mounted perpendicular to the shafts with the plunger making radial contact on a coupling hub. This course begins with the fundamental principles behind shaft to shaft alignment and concludes with students conducting a series of alignment exercises using conventional alignment tools. It can measure errors and display resolution less than 2% 10 m 0. The reason for this is that both angular and parallel misalignment can both be corrected for at the same time.

Clean the dial indicators measuring surfaces and stand, the granite plate, an d the gauge blocks to be used. For example, a machine running at 1800 rpm with 12 inch of spacer shaft length would allow a maximum offset of. Pre alignment checks and corrections are performed to either improve machinery reliability or to facilitate the alignment process. The use of dial indicators for the vast majority of shaft alignment tasks where a flexible. The primary parts of a dial indicator are the face or dial, the case, and the. Shaft laser alignment 3 benefits over dial indicators. The vblock mounting clamps are 78 wide and supplied with chain to accommodate shafts from. One is the offset measured in the plane of the rim dial indicator dir. With a loadonpad design, figure 1 the shaft is free to laterally within bearing clearance, and alignment data is difficult to obtain without temporary bearing shims to stabilize the sham with a loadbetweenpad design, figure 1 b, the shaft remains stable during the alignment procedure. Compensate for sag by dialing in the amount of indicator bar sag as a positive value at 12.

This video gives a brief overview of how dials can be used to measure shaft. Pruftechnik rotalign ultra is operating handbook pdf download. Comparing parts to a master part during inspection. In this method two dial indicator rim and face dial are used to determine the relative position of movable shaft with respect to stationary shaft. This paper covers fourdial gage method, which overcome all typical reasons of unsuccessful and difficult alignments, which are observed in thermal power stations coal handling plants. The traditional precise shaft alignment method is dial. The rim dial indicator is used to measure offset in one plane along the shaft length and face dial indicator is used to measure angularity or slope between the shaft. Make sure the probe of the dial indicators touch a smooth surface on the rim. Shaft alignment training course ppt presentation and machine. Pdf a laser shaft alignment by ipspsds for rotary machine. Shaft alignment is a method or procedure by which shafts of machines such as motors and turbines are connected to a generator or pump in proper alignment. The alignment training is suitable for technicians undertaking machine alignment, coupling alignment, motor alignmnet, pump alignment, etc. Rim dial indicator readings and offset misalignment.

All types of machines having shafts as an integral part of their structure, experience problems related to shaft alignment. Ritealign dial indicator alignment kit ritec alignment kit is a powerful tool to adjust shafts alignment using dial indicators accurately and easily. This is because in areas such as machine parts, an incorrect measurement by even a. Explain how graphs are used in conjunction with the cross and reverse dial methods. Another measurement is taken on the face of the coupling to determine shaft angularity. Pdf laseroptical alignment of shafts in rotating machinery is simple and more accurate.

Pdf basic shaft alignment workbook for industrial rotatin. A practical guide to shaft alignment plant services. In pursuit of that goal, vibralign invented its own method of correcting misalignment called vertizontal which allows for the vertical and horizontal adjustments to be made together in. Table of contents the importance of shaft alignment 1 shaft alignment. Cross dial cross dial alignment is another method of achieving the same results as the rim and face method. Vemc presents pump motor alignment process with help of dial gauge method for accurate and smooth functioning of machines in your manufacturing units. Oct 21, 2016 vemc presents pump motor alignment process with help of dial gauge method for accurate and smooth functioning of machines in your manufacturing units. The rim indicator is used to measure offset misalignment. Reverse indicator method 8 alignment and couplings figure 23. When using a rimface method, one measurement is taken on the rim of the coupling to determine shaft offset. Dec 22, 2014 while dial indicators offer an excellent shaft alignment solution for many applications, for those looking for a best in class solution, laser shaft alignment tools are available. Alignment kits alignment accessory kit, alignment computer.

Reverse dial indicator alignment procedure free download as pdf file. The plunger is a spring loaded part that can be depressed into the case causing the dials needle to move clockwise. Although it is not any more accurate, it is a much faster method of alignment. Those who purchase new alignment instruments and hand them out to field technicians who lack the knowledge of alignment fundamentals are. Several equipment alignment methods, especially the reverse dial indicator method, which is the principle used in laser alignment is covered in explicit detail.

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